Corporate Child

Corporate Child Care Services

We are keen to help employers solve their childcare issues. Organisations operating family friendly policies, such as providing help with childcare, see a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity.

Recent research by Cambridge University found that 9 out of 10 establishments which had family friendly policies in place, were cost effective. Help with childcare provision was found to have a significant association with improvements in quality performance and a reduction in labour turnover.

Family friendly policies were associated with above average financial performance, labour productivity, quality and sales performances.

Benefits, for your business, for providing childcare

  • Easier to attract better quality candidates when recruiting
  • Greater staff retention – lower staff turnover
  • More maternity leavers returning to work
  • Less absenteeism and greater productivity
  • Increased experience and qualifications in the workforce
  • An improved company image in the workplace

We therefore offer corporate discounts to support companies who are striving to assist families with childcare. We are happy to come and meet with you, to discuss your companies individual needs and see how we can best help.