Sensory Spa

The Little Wonders Sensory Spa providesan environment in which children can feel calm and relaxed. This specially designed room is equipped with a Bubble Tube with changing coloured lights that the children can control, a fibre optic curtain, a hopscotch sound and music mat as well as a star projector.

Why do we have a sensory spa?

Throughout the day children are not using all their five senses. They are also constantly in brightly lit spaces during their waking hours and children are also constantly exposed to a cacophony of sounds, all this leading to too much of overall stimulation.

In the sensory spa, lights are dimmed, voices are soft, and activities involve all senses. Children have various equipment at their disposal but have to lead their own play, they have to design their own fun and enjoyment. This leads to better thinking skills, focus, attention and positive energy.

In a spa we experience relaxation, rejuvenation, calmness and a sense of escape from our daily routine, similarly in our Sensory Spa for children they experience soft sounds, dimmed lights, an unhurried agenda and the pleasure of playing using all the senses.

This will lead to children being able to unwind, relax, calm down, and generally connect to happiness and a sense of pleasure that stays with them throughout the day. Activities like Yoga, mindfulness, light and sound play and toys to touch, feel and experience, all add to this wonderfully unique experience at the Sensory Spa.