Foundation Stage (3-4 years)

The foundation stage of learning focuses on developing the skills the children will need to be school ready. Children are introduced to our phonics programme ‘Symphonics’, which allows them to become phonetically aware of the sounds made my different letters of the alphabet. Children will also work on letter formation and recognition to prepare them for future challenges such as reading and writing.

Small group and one on one activities are daily practice in this age group to help the children to develop mathematical and literacy skills as well as critical thinking.

The children are given plenty of opportunity throughout the day to free-play as well as to partake in physical development activities both indoor and outdoor to further develop their gross motor skills and also fine motor development.

The children are given lots of opportunity to join in with creative activities such as arts and crafts and are offered many media such as paints, playdough, sand, water, crayons, chalk and glue.

Children in the Foundation Stage are encouraged, not only to work on the knowledge of the world around them, but to also work on their personal and social development, allowing them to become well-rounded, polite and happy children, who are able to cope with impending school life and education.