for toddlers (1-2 years)

Our toddler classes cater to the needs of children aged between 12 to 24 months. Here children are gently introduced to a classroom environment through play, stories, music and movement and arts & crafts.

Children begin having short ‘mini lessons’ which may have a themed vocabulary focus, a story and comprehension follow-up or a number and letter focus.

These introduce children to basic concepts and also help them to become accustomed to sitting, listening and responding with suitable classroom behaviour. At this young age,learning through play is paramount so the majority of activities are child led with some adult led activities such as arts & crafts and story time. Throughout the day, the children are occupied with educational activities such as puzzles, floor-play or activities to hone fine & gross motor skills.

A main focus at this age is to improve the children’s social skills, to develop parallel play, and to introduce the concepts of sharing, cause and effect and also to learn about self-care.

Children are able to use all the areas of the nursery including the soft play room for physical development activities such as yoga and parachute games, the playground areas for running, jumping and riding trikes, the sand and water area, sensory garden for helping the plants to grow and the sensory spa for some relaxing and mindfulness time which allows the children to enjoy a varied and well-rounded day.